Not long ago my wife of fifty plus years and I went to Del Taco, on Limonite in Eastvale, CA. We had looked forward to this visit as we lived out of state for almost thirty years and were looking forward to returning to old haunts. Our bill was five dollars and nineteen cents. I gave the young male attendant a ten. He indicated that he did not have change and would bring it to my table when he got it. After about fifteen minutes I returned to the counter for my change. He was surprised. He asked what I had given him and got my change from the cash drawer. I do not think he had any intention of giving me my change at all, ever. I also saw an elderly worker, probably a manager with purse on her shoulder, fix an order for a drive thru, without gloves on her hands. She was handling the food with bare hands. Needless to say we have decided that Del Taco does not need our business and management was shoddy. I no longer have my receipt, but this is a heads up to any complaints that you have about this store. Dan Clements

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