After many years and PC purchases from Dell, my most recent – an Optiplex PC, needed replacing. Dell chat has been helpful in the past for printer issues I had. Really looked forward to the new PC – huge hard drive and memory. After the old one became so slow that I get a half-day of work done in one day, if I did not have to re-boot three times! 2 weeks later – no PC. No email confirming purchase, or an email regarding delivery. Weird, I already got the credit info letter, and my ASUS 2*" monitor came 2 days after it was purchased. Dell sent only a wireless mouse and keyboard.

Ok, got on chat queue – #158!!! What the h-ll? With that many customers, why so few people to answer chat line? FOUR HOURS LATER – at #55, and had to eat – got back, and – yep – chat person came and went – so back on, at #148!!! Now another hour is gone, and I am at #93, waiting. The site says I have NO ORDERS AT ALL!!! Dell has truly lost its way – no problem getting my money, but I am nowhere near getting my PC! I could've had an Apple weeks ago…

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