Broken Dell MF Fax 2335dn – One of the hinges on the cover of the unit broke. Dell advertises on the web "Support Service for Expired Warranties Hardware Repair Services 1-800-288-4410." So I called — 5 times. The first call is answered by a non-English speaking high school drop out in India who insist they do not handle repairs especially not on laser printers. His supervisor, who was more helpful, admitted that Dell does have such a service but not in India but at the laser printer unit. Ok. So he transferred the call, which promptly was answered by a music playing robot.

After 25 minutes of bad music I hung up & started all over again. This time I obtained the correct number to call at the laser place & finally made contact.initially I was again given the routine reply, "We don't offer such a service." After insisting Dell advertises such a service, the agent's memory improved. He looked up the problem & informed me that the issue cannot be repaired & if it could it would cost more than a new fax printer. I guess I will have to purchase a new unit, but it won't be a Dell!

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