I received a prepaid electronic return label today from Dell November 19,2015, after taking my complaint to social media November 16,2015, and getting assistance November 17,2015 from the company's social media team, DellCares, on Twitter.

These reps proved to be the link to customer care access that was totally lacking via the official website. They were able to communicate my concerns to the right sources and get answers from Dell's customer care that I had been seeking for almost a week.
I am happy today that I was able to get the necessary authorization to return the Tablet, but at the same time I feel my discovery of DellCares on Twitter was something of a fluke. I had become so exasperated after 5 days of calling and emailing, trying to reach someone who would help me that I tweeted the company on Twitter as a last resort and the next day things began moving toward resolution. Then DellCares tweeted me back. There are some serious customer care access issues on the Dell official website that need to be addressed.

As a result of this experience, I will probably not entertain purchasing a Dell product in the future.

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