I wanted to upload a picture of the specs that Dell uses to advertise this product.in the product description it tells you nothing about the product's specifications. I can't upload a picture, but I'll upload the pictures on other sites. To see the product specifications you have to compare it to something else. When you do this, it tells you that it contains 4 2TB drives. I bought it so that I could set up a RAID5 backup for all of my media, and when I got it, it had 2 4TB drives, which makes RAID5 impossible. I called Dell, was on hold for 20 minutes, spoke to someone for 1 minute, they redirected me, I was on hold again for an 50 minutes, spoke to someone, explained my situation, they redirected me to someone else, on hold again for 40 minutes, this time I got tech support, I explained everything, they redirected me to customer care, holding again for 40 minutes, spoke to customer care, and they said the product wasn't supposed to come with any hard drives at all. I told them to look at the order number, they did, they told me I ordered a NAS, not a hard drive. I explained to them what a NAS was, they still said I didn't order a hard drive. I told them to look at the description that had "8TB" in the product name, they said that was a measurement for a hard drive, not a NAS. I asked them why there would be a measure of space on something that didn't have storage, he said he didn't know. I told him to look closer at the details and compare the details and he could see that it is supposed to come with 4 hard disks, not 2. He said he couldn't help me, and that I could initiate a return, so I said sure, then he asked if he knocked off 75 dollars, would I consider dropping the matter. I said no. He asked if he knocked off 100 dollars, would I consider dropping the matter. I said no. He then sent me a return shipping label. That's the whole truth about the product sold by Dell. I used to trust Dell. I was deceived. Further, I had a difficult time understanding the people with whom I was speaking because the volume on their end would phase in and out, like someone was turning a volume knob constantly. I plan to post this review everywhere I can and tell as many people as I can however I can, hopefully with the aid of screen captures that I took. This kind of "customer service" is unacceptable. To buy something in good faith and have something different sent, without them even trying sincerely to make it right, and the obstinate refusal to even check their own website is really too much. I will never buy from Dell again, and I will encourage everyone I know to stop buying from them, and I won't work on them anymore, and let everyone know that I will no longer work on their products if they are Dell.

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