My Dell laptop has basic warranty. They told the repair of hinge is not going to repair, please talk to Out of Warranty. Out of Warranty told that they will repair the laptop. Manager confirmed it. When it reached to store, the drama started again and sent the laptop without repairing. When I called Out of Warranty couple of times holding for hour or 2 hours in each call, swapped by each department, transferring to one another and they finally, one day, they told they are not gonna cover it.

My point is (1) there is no clarity on the service who is gonna do it. Issue: every time I have to explain to each department after each transfer. (2) Everybody is in different page, no consistency. Issue: if everybody is having knowledge, they don't have to transfer me in proper information which makes us impatient and they blame on customers. (3) If they are not gonna repair, I would like to get confirm in first call – why the conflict between manager and the repair shop? No communication makes us confused… Very worst customer service. I will never recommend Dell Customer Service. Finally they are apologizing for the inconvenience. It's like slapping on the face left and right and finally giving a lollipop… Crappy service. Note: I gave the SR number in the order number as I don't have the order number.

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