So today I received a bill from Delta Dental that read I owed a fee of 92 dollars. I call them confused as to why. And I learned that "history follows" me. Confused I asked what does that mean?! And the agent tells me "we don't cover your X-rays because you got this done a little over a year ago" and I inform him yes I did but that was with another employer not with my new employer and the agent informs me that "history follows" so whatever I got done last year with my old employer with my new employer I can't get done till next year!

So I was so confused and still am. So what is the point of dental insurance if I won't get covered?!! So if a switch to a different employer it counts as if it were my old employer?! Really but I still have to pay?!! The stupidest thing I've ever heard! I am beyond upset at the fact that Delta Dental is getting away with such a crime charging coverage but not offering coverage when it's needed!!! Please someone sue them already. If I had the money to do it I would!!! If anyone sues please inform me so I can be part of this because they are criminals!!!

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