My wife and I came in for Veterans Day breakfast. Our server, Amber, explained to us what we were able to have. She was a very nice young lady. Was very busy but the manager she had to deal with was very rude, spoke in a horrible manner. My wife was VERY DISPLEASED! For her to tell the girl "Oh, SHUT THE HELL UP" was so UNPROFESSIONAL! I have never heard anything like this. Amber proceeded to take our order as she was holding back her tears. We listened to the way she spoke to the employees at the front desk who can do something about this. We were unable to speak to Amber as she didn't return. But why, when the same manager brought our food we asked for our server, she slammed our plates on tables and walked away? What will be done? My wife will never return. My granddaughter is her age. You should be ashamed.

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