I was contacted by Dex media to repair my online presence. We discussed what needed to be done and I paid the man a down payment to clean up my online profiles so all the information in them would match since I moved my business. Immediately I had conflicts with Dex Media over not contacting me when they said they would. They would not respond to emails from me so I requested to cancel cleaning up my internet presence. Dex Media actually emailed me back at that time saying I could not cancel due to a phone advertisement being published for me in a town I did not even work in. I told him that he could not do that without my consent and that he even had to have a proof sent to me before he could advertise for me and that I had to agree with the terms of this ad. I went online to my credit card company and canceled payment to Dex Media. Never heard another word from them.

Then came a phone directory to my doorsteps from the town I do not even want or have ever worked in.in their Electrical contractor's page I was listed with an advertisement that even had a phone number that was not my own. I called the number and it forwarded to my cell phone. These people went as far as creating a fake phone number that they could transfer to my phone without my consent. They also used wording and my logo without asking for my consent in doing so. Companies like these are the ones that ruin other's businesses. I have not figured exactly what I am going to do about this situation yet. But trust me, I will.

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