I recently purchased something online from china. Every time I order, it is from the exact same city in China and the package takes the same route and I never have had to pay customs taxes and duties and a payment processing fee with other companies. However, with DHL I am obligated to pay 23.30 for it; and they only take debit or credit. And on top of this, the delivery girl set it up on the system so that my package cannot be re-delivered the next day for some reason without my permission.

So now I have to spend an hour on public transit to the other side of my town to spend my money on taxes and bus fare to pick up a package that is barely worth anything. What really bothers me is that I wasn't informed that I'd have to pay before I claimed it, if I had been, I would have been prepared. These things over lead me to think that dhl is a bit on the sketchy side; why have I not experienced this extra fee crap with other companies sending me my items from the EXACT same locations? I will definitely not be shipping anything through them in the future.

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