I was in Lambeth (London) DHL office to send the parcel to my country on 28th. 10.2015, after 10 minutes was waited in the front desk and several times pressed the bell two aggressive DHL staff coming to deal with 4/5 people on the quiet and they started to be rode with customers and using bad language against each other and interacted each other job and did not have any concentrate on them jobs and really cheap staffs who could not served customer even with less than average quality however after 50 minutes finished my parcel and as DHL staff recommendation the parcel should be in destination on 31.10.2015 but it was not received and I double checked on line on 01.11.2015 and found out the parcel rejected to different office! Why delivery back to different office? I do not know! However again on 02.11.2015 went to this office and found my parcel which box was ripped no my address and no destination on the box and was missed some thing inside the parcel, I was on rush and I had to send again the parcel to the destination I gave another opportunity to them to post the lady who again packaged my parcel again did same mistake as her first colleague who did packaged in the first time did not fill in accurate the sanctions warranty and indemnity form in accurate and correct and did not put date and used previous Waybill number which was different with new one so second office in Croydon (London) did more mistake from first office, do you know what happened again? My parcel again sent back with bad position and stolen the mobile phone from box 3 papers work that I was provided for my solicitors was missed and after 3 days again on 05th. 11.15 I came back to Croydon office in London and took back the empty, ripped and casual box, nobody responsible, low standard, Absolutely useless service, Worst tracking and rude customer care. Worst of the kind in terms of troubleshooting issues, no patience and courtesy to talk to customer. They do not honor their words and commitment. Poor follow up and they always find excuse which you know is fake, ambiguous communication if they ever contact you. They handed over my parcel to someone whom they do not know, I do not know, not authorized person to sign on my behalf. No escalation process. DHL is the worst of all. Now, I know feedback does not really matter for this company and they do not care for customer satisfaction. It is the 15 day and still no trace. I would like to speak with newspapers, standard agency and BBC watch dogs and provided movies put in you tube, face book, twitter and exploit from social media against this rubbish company. Milad kiaei

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