My mom is a resident of USA, but have no medical service yet, because she is very new in this country. Every time she need medicine, her doctor from Colombia sends her prescription, but it's always the same with this company. I think they do it on purpose. They get the medication and documentation which is very complicated and very many. They say that all is well and charge very expensive.

The next step is that documentation never reaches its destination, they retained the package after asking for many more documents, almost unobtainable. Unable to get the documentation they proceed to return the medication, but we have to pay for their mistake — a fine. Then we have to get the documents again and forward and we pay for the full price of the shipping back! To me is a scam to charge double. Has already happened to us twice and it will never happened again to me. The authorities should of fine them for their mistakes and should open an investigation. It is very suspicious, but nobody investigates and they keep ripping off customers, without any consequences.

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