I ordered an extra-large UNI polo shirt from Dick's online. When it arrive it was huge. A full 6 inches bigger around that the two polos I ordered from other companies. I called and the representatives couldn't be nicer. I asked for an exchange and the woman told me that they would ship the shirt as soon as they received the shirt I received, they would ship the replacement. They were to email me a return label from UPS.

When it arrived, it was blank – No attachment, nothing in the message section. I called again and was told that I would receive a new email. It arrived, also blank. I called again and was told that they would mail me the label. As I sat on hold steaming, I finally decided that, by now, I didn't want the shirt. I then received an email that the new shirt was being processed.

I went to Dick's website and sent an email complaining. I have been emailing back and forth with a customer service guy named Jonathon, who was very sympathetic. He made arrangements to send a label. I expect to be receiving 2 of them. When I told him that another shirt was being processed, he told me that depending upon what stage the processing is in, he may not be able to stop it. And get this. They will not reimburse any shipping costs. I'm going to pay for the shipping myself. I want this shirt out of my house!!

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