I stopped in at Dick's Sporting Goods in Glendale, AZ and browsed the firearms section. I usually would not buy a gun from a major chain like this, but one rifle caught my eye because of the price. I asked to see it and was handed the gun. After doing my initial inspection the trigger lock was still on the gun and I asked for it to be removed so I could assess the trigger. The associate explained that it was against policy and they could not remove it until after the purchase and the gun is on the way out the door. I then asked to speak with the manager. When he arrived, I politely explained to the both of them what was going on. (On a side note I have professional experience in firearms both as an instructor and in retail.)

I explained that I wanted to assess the trigger for quality and safety before purchasing. They explained the policy to me and said it was for safety reasons. Now I understand the slight safety concern but Dick's is basically telling me to take their word that I will like the trigger (such an important part of a firearm) and to gamble money I cannot get back. There is much to assess before buying a gun that required access to the trigger.in conclusion, I do not recommend buying guns from Dick's Sporting Goods. The lack of customer service and not to mention their participation in political negativity toward modern sporting guns, has just ruined this chain for me.

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