Spent a whole morning trying to buy a $400 piece of equipment at 4 different Dick's stores where their website lists the equipment as in the store. After the first store kept us waiting 15 minutes LOOKING for the piece of equipment, we called three other stores. No one had it. The store workers consistently told us that "corporate" often stocks equipment like this. A manager told us that he just gets 3 trucks a week and has no idea what's on them so can't even tell us when the piece might come in. He offered us free shipping if we ordered one but we couldn't place the order on the phone. Would have to drive 22 miles to place the order at the store. Just clicked my way to a 45-second sale from Amazon. They list the piece, have the piece, and shipped it free. No more Dick's. Never had so much trouble giving a vendor $400 in my life.

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