I'm very pissed with the service i got from MRP mobile, I was offered a phone from MRP mobile consultant and i agreed thinking is a Samsung table and two days later the mobile was delivered and i was not happy as i thought they offering me Samsung mobile then i had to call them to send someone to come collect their phone, and i was told is fine as long is still under 7 days they will only charge me R100 for cancelling fee.
phone was taken and first month R100 was deducted, second month R33, 95, third R33, 95.i had to call them and spoke to their consultant she said she's checking for the next thing she hang the phone on me, no one contacted me since, then i have lodged a complaint on their site still no one contacted me, two days later they deducted R1652 into my account, I had to go to the bank to reverse my money and block them .Today just called one of their consultant asking if my account was cancelled, she’s saying I owe them R500 and invoice was emailed to me, then I have asked on what email address they don’t have my email address but claiming they emailed me.I was never informed before with this money I was only told I will pay R100 for cancellation fee.. I need my name cleared with this MRP and my money reversed, they are so unprofessional and robbing people.

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