Today Nov 15,2015, I attended the Cielo Vista Mall in El Paso, TX Christmas gala along with my mom, who as a matter of fact happens to be an ex employee of yours, who was under the tyrant, cruel and unjust management of Patrick. I know this through my mom, acquaintances who have worked under such individual as well as public complaints I have read. I thank God every day my mother does no longer have to tolerate the ignorance and unprofessionalism of this man. She left your store with dignity and her head up for the many years she worked there and the amazing customer service rapport she provided. Anyhow, this is a different issue that brings me to you all but it just feels good to mention it.

Today, we attended your gala as customers, which by the way did not have the same quality and amount of attendees compared to other years. Very disorganized. With this, I tell you my complain. Here we are days in advance doing a presale, so you sales employees as well as your company can secure a sale for the event. This only benefits you all. Also, we are paying with the Dillards credit card which again it benefits your company. Your store was advertising the give away gift of a black clutch purse for each customer. As we picked up our merchandise, we were told that only I got a purse because they ran out of them and there were no more. I told my mom I was going to talk to the general manager Patrick. No one send me to him. I knew who he was and neither my mom or I owe absolutely nothing but totally the opposite. I was spending my money at the store he manages.

I saw how Lancome still had purses, and this individual was standing at their counter with two other young men looking around. I came to him directly and made my complaint. He admitted to me the store ran out of purses. Ironically, I joined my friend to the gala the previous night at Sunland Park Mall, and funny thing they also ran out of purses. What kind of such corporation are you all that you promise a gift to your customers just to make a sale and do not comply to it. This Patrick guy told me that he was expecting a shipment of purses next week that I could come and claim mine but that it was not going to be the same purse. Never intended to get my information. I asked him how would he remember me, he answer me back that he has a good visual memory. I told him it was not enough for me that I needed his card. He took a card out of his wallet and gave it to me.

I really dont give a damn about the purse. I have plenty and you can all tell him he can keep it. It just felt good to come to him, confront him, and look directly in his eyes as a brave customer who does not care who he is, who protects him but did it on behalf of all the injustices he has committed against many former employees. I know this might not mean anything to you all, but as a customer I can tell you it is a shame that your store is managed by such people who do not demonstrate any interest on their customers, and neither does your store when you all promise a gift and give nothing. Both my mom and I together spend about 520 dlls at your event tonight. This amount might not be nothing but it sure would have been 520 dlls less on Patrick end of the day profits.

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