I ordered a product for $278 and paid over $200 just for express shipping alone totaling $478. It was a self balancing scooter/mini Segway. They have repeatedly told me that it has been shipped by a different method to what I had paid for – and when I pushed them for the tracking number and carrier they don't respond for days, then tell you it takes at least 7 days for their carrier to issue a tracking number (a blatant lie as I checked with the carrier they were supposedly using to deliver the goods). They then tell you to wait patiently for 48 hours, and then do it again.

When I received my tracking number, it was registered to a random name in New York and the weight of the package was half the weight of the item I ordered!!! When I questioned them on this, they advised that it was the correct tracking number and that the order needed to go through 'hubs'… A process in order to clear customs specially for the product. What BS! The premium I paid for was with UPS who offer a custom brokerage service with their service.

My advice to you is avoid them at absolutely all costs. I believe they wrought you by holding up your funds for months, and skimming the majority off the premium shipping price you pay. I'm still yet to receive my shipment and we are 2.5 weeks in and they said 3-5 days. I have filed a complaint with PayPal and will also plaster Social Media with my experience. Please do not be fooled by this ruthless business.

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