I foolishly enrolled on a Sunday via a door to door representative. I called to cancel my enrollment the next day as it states on the enrollment form that you only have 3 days to cancel or else you incur a $99 cancellation fee. I was told that a "precancellation" notice was placed on my account and to call back the next day to confirm that once my information was entered into their system, it would automatically cancel my account.

The next day, none of my information had been entered into their system, but the precancellation was still active. The following day (last day of the 3 day grace period) I was told that there was no precancellation notice on my account, as "precancellation isn't a thing they do." I hung up, called back, and a different CSR told me that my account was actually cancelled. I don't know what to believe, but I recorded all of my phone conversations with their CSRs just in case, as they do not issue any concrete evidence (such as an email or a letter) confirming that your account is indeed cancelled. Don't be an idiot like me and get involved with them, it's a nightmare.

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