I had chosen Direct Energy as my electricity supplier for my home because of the low rate and the fact that we would receive a Nest Thermostat which would increase our energy savings even more. I did understand when I signed up that if I cancelled there was a $200 product recovery fee, to cover the cost of the Nest Thermostat. Two months ago I received a paper from the explaining that by using Direct Energy my bill is $195 and that is I had Eversource it would have been $134.

Well that's a no brainer to me, and I promptly called Direct Energy to cancel. I was informed that if I cancelled I would be subject to a $200 product recovery fee for the Nest Thermostat, I explained to the representative that I hadn't even installed the item and it was still in its unopened original packaging which I could send them right away, and they wouldn't be out the $200 cost. No I was told, that's not how it works.in my opinion this product recovery fee is a way for Direct Energy to hide a cancellation fee, of which I think is ludicrous.in today's economic climate, we are all trying to save and pinch pennies and large corporations keep squeezing and squeezing.

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