After being a timely paying customer for 6 years, I cancelled my service to DirectTV last July, after they did a software upgrade, my second TV would not work using just one receiver, and so I HAD TO PAY another $7/mo for a second receiver. I specifically told them (like I always do when I make my bi-monthly long on-hold-mostly phone call) I was not agreeing to another 2-year contract. Finally (back in July) they told me I would be locked in to $72 a month for 2 years. Guaranteed. No question & no contract. My bill steadily creeped up since then, and now is over $90. After FIVE 1/2 HOURS and two phone calls, finding out my bill would be $125 next month because discounts would be expiring, (they never explained why I had discounts,) them telling me the Golf channel was the most expensive channel (have had it for 6 years) and them finally realizing (they CAN go back and listen to the recorded phone calls prior) I WASN'T under any contract, they pretty much told me 'we're just going to keep screwing you.' I asked for transcripts (3 times) from July's conversations & was given an address where I had to send a court order and subpoena. I cannot believe there are no class action lawsuits against DirectTV! Count me in if there are! I'm in Missouri Kris Kostner!!! (MO Attorney General) DirectTV is now part of AT&T, which explains a lot. They no longer want to keep customers or make them happy. They're sending me boxes to send my receivers back. Now I have new holes in my house, a useless dish on my porch, and will have to go through FARGO withdrawals. Dang— i hate directtv!!!

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