I wonder if some of the customers. Want to hurt me if they could. Right now I want die. After work. I really just want to do right with work. But the customers hate me. I did not know I was so bad at customer service. Until I got behind the phone. Other jobs working customer service face to face never had supervisor called on me. Now no matter how soft of a tone voice I use. No matter how patience or pleasant. I get yelled at cursed out. If face to face think someone might punch me. Did not realize how bad I was in customer service. I have old customers. I dealt with face to face. They remember and missed me. I don't understand. I do exactly. What I was told to do? Working for DirecTv help me see my floss now. Kinda just want walk away. Quit work, I don't have family. So I can quit. Never do customer service again. I wonder do the customer want to hurt me. Getting yelled at soon as the conversation start. It is hard to adapt to yelling and cursing. Maybe I can start yelling and cursing too on my free time. Then I can get use to it. Never been yelled at and cursed out. People around me just don't communication in that manner. Im not sure if I could get used to that type of language. I feel like dying after receiving a call like that. I'm a young lady. Smiles all the time. Now all I do is cry after work. Cry, been crying for hours. Customers don't see the tears of a young lady. Behind the phone. Sharp pains in the chest and neck. I get at the same time someone raise their voice. I don't raise my voice. That's just too loud. We are just on the phone. I'm sure they can hear me fine. Anyway I don't know. If anyone care. Just like customer believe customer service don't care. I don't know about everyone else. I do to the point. I cry about 2-5 a day. When I go home. Someone told me to go to the doctor for the chest pains. I can't afford it. Even with insurance. So i try to take it or i'll take a break. After the phone call. Maybe I die of a heart attack on the phone one day. Customer Services reps are not all mean & heartless. We can only do what we are allowed to do.

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