I work for DirecTV as customer rep. I love customer service. Been working it for 20years. I hate getting cursed out, yelled at, talked to aggressively, and just being handled roughly. I do not cursed, fight, yell in my private life outside of work. I cry every single month, because I can only do so much by policy. Then get lower scores for so many supervisor calls. Sometimes my heart hurt on real aggressive calls. Sometimes i feel shape pain in my heart. Never had it happen before taking calls for DirecTV. I shake on some calls. The customer has no idea. I am a petite young lady. Won't squash a grape in a food fight. I get in my 96 honda & cry. I feel the dirty on the ground after work. After being yelled & cursed out. Right when they get on phone. I only have a computer in call center with tons of stuff to go by per the company. I know the customers are not mad at me. It is DirecTV. Why is it I get blamed for some mistake made? Before I even start working for DirecTV. I don't think I will ever do customer service again. Things have changed since 2006. There are some Customer Reps try. Please take easy. Some reps are just a college student working their way through school. They just ppl doing what is told. They can only do so much. Some reps take it to heart. It hurts physically. That no one can see.

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