I'm not mean. I fell bad for customers. Things happen in life. Everybody dont get paid alot. I can't do anything but what the company allow. The company had everything set. Before I started work for them. I go to work, punch in my time, use a computer with preprogrammed software, that give you warning boxes. Such as the extension is already applied to the acct. I tell the customer what happens. I get cursed out. Because of the software I'm allowed to use at work. Then its slow or stops. So I'm sitting like a lump on a log. Waiting for the software to load again. Now I'm feeling stupid because a 5 min process takes 20 mins to do. Then the call drop during heavy call volume. Poor customer got pushed through. Then the next person thought they got hung up on, but the didn't. It's the stupid call system dropping calls. Then get yelled at about that. Then yelled about someone lie to the customer at Costco. Now I have to clean the lie up. Tell them truth. DirecTV got the wrong one. Think I'm gone to lie. I do not and will not lie for no one. I'm not. Then the poor customer again. Want supervisor. Then I get poor scores. Then I feel horrible for the customer. I cry. That's not even the half. I become so depressed after work. Day after day I try not to quit. I believe commitment & good customer service. I still stick with good customer services, but commitment is not an easy choice. I tell you that much. Telling if they are CSR not a Supervisor. It is only so much they are allowed to do. Even the supervisor. Both side of the phone ain't a pretty sight. That's for sure. People be quiting left and right.

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