So many lies. They could not perform from day one. Their technology is years behind. They told me they had to send a service man out to fix the problems before they could cancel. I agreed. I kept getting a run around pretending it was the first they heard from me for several months. The technician came to the house and could not fix the issues. I would record all these shows that said were free. When it was time to watch them it would throw an error which would go back and forth until they finally said it was not in my package. So why are they always displayed as free? Nobody knows or could fix. Very unfriendly to Christian programming. You can not ever add one channel. We liked one rerun channel that had touched by an angel. They wanted 30 to 45 more for one channel when we were already paying for an expensive package. So many glitches. I had Direct TV 7 years ago and thought the service had improved but its is 10 times more advanced then Direct TV. And then the commercials were sickening. Why should we pay twice? RIP OFF. Now they stole $500 from our account unauthorized after 5 months of hell and 3 months of dissconnect or unuse. Rip off!!! If you are reading this review run from Direct TV. DO NOT buy. Zero attempt to fix problem. They act like scammers.

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