Sometime between Thursday night and Friday morning we lost our DirectTV service. We called and got a representative who told us to unplug the SWIM and wait for a green light to go out then plug it back in and all would be well. We did that, several times and still did not get our service restored. We were then told that we would now be switched to another call center. They had us go through the SWIM again and then told us we had an equipment problem and would have to have a service person come out but they couldn't come until Monday. After talking to a supervisor to no avail we were told to hold and would be transferred to another person. We held and eventually the phone call was was disconnected by them. We invested some 2 hours in this process and are now still without service. Whether someone comes on Monday remains to be seen. This is not the first time we have had problems because every time it rains we lose service and then have to go through an entire process. We are considering terminating this service as I am tired of paying for service I do not receive and missing the very programs we wish to watch. If you are considering DirectTV, reconsider unless you prefer to waste time and money and enjoy frustration.

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