Discover Customer Service is next to useless. They cancel us for lack of use, then acknowledge that was a mistake, send us a new card but never send us the rewards check as promised. One rep contradicts the next and supervisors have phone lines filled with static and background noise. The rock "music" during hold hurts your ears. My suspicion is that is to get you to hang up. That nothing gets done or that reps contradict each other so casually indicates to us. Discover is a company at endgame indifferent to the wants and needs of their customer base.

They show zero interest in correcting matters that they admit they erred in. The sensation is of total abdication of responsibility. One star is exactly right for this massive waste of time and energy trying to get anything resolved. They seem as slack as any such company can be. Once you're dropped, forget it. They won't want you back. No tragedy. Once you're on to them, you want no part of them. There's better out there.

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