Just yesterday I received an email from Discover stating that my husband's account was closed due to inactivity. I called to find out if I could appeal it, they said no. I asked about my credit card account and they said it was closed too due to inactivity. Although they did not send me an email regarding this account either. We were given no notice at all about closing the accounts due to inactivity. If they had, we would have had an opportunity to choose to use the cards or not.

We've had these accounts since 2005 and 2007. I am a good steward of my credit score and I know that closing two accounts can take a hit of around 30 points – also these accounts were important to us because of the long credit history with them. I'm at 791 right now. I plan to buy a house in a year, and their decision to close these accounts may result prove to be costly financially.

On the phone, I asked to speak to appeal the decision, they said I couldn't. I asked for contact information to give feedback, and they gave me a fax number – as if anyone uses faxes anymore? Today, I get a survey email from Discover, and I was eager to respond to the survey. I start the survey and it says the time allowed expired! But the email said I had 4 days to take the survey, and I started it within 5 minutes of getting the email!

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