After signing up with Dish my bills started increasing. I called and they promised to reduce the bill. The next bill I received was even higher. I called again and once again they made changes that also increased the bill when I clearly said I wanted to reduce the monthly bill. Finally, after asking dozens of time they closed the account. Since they lied to me twice I was forced to close. Then they sent me a bill for $290. I wrote to them twice and asked for written responses. I never heard from them. I then wrote complaints to the BBB and also the state Attorney General. I have still heard no response from them.

Now, on a twice daily basis, they have collections people calling me about a fraudulent invoice that I would never pay. These people are dogs. They lie, fail to respond, increase bills when you ask them to be reduced, refuse to close an account when requested, and then bill you for the hours you are on the phone with them either on hold or talking to someone that either refuses to do what you request or lie to you. Stay as far away as possible from dish. They rate right up there with Comcast in their ethics and customer service.

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