Cable and satellite tv are among the most common over-inflated products we consume. Because of this, the owners of these companies are among the richest people in the world. Many are richer than oil company executives. I recently cut the cord. No more cable or satellite tv. The company I was with, Dish made it hard. First, they didn't cancel account as agreed. I had to call back and demand a cancellation. Second, the next day, before sending me a box to return the equipment, they sent an email saying I was being charged $400 for the equipment.

Third, they send me a box and UPS shipping label I later learned will cost me $10. Fourth, they sent me a letter saying an additional piece of equipment will need to be sent back. This was after I had already sent the requested equipment back. You would think a billion dollar company would try to do a better job of maintaining their reputation during the separation process. Given the way I've been treated, I would never do business with Dish again.

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