Dish installed a satellite dish on a building for a tenant who signed a form stating they had my permission, "attempts" were made by the tenant stating they couldn't reach me. The tech called BlueSky in Cedar Rapids, IA and the manager approved the installation. It was attached to MY building, and cable was slid under a storm window and under the original window (this building has three foot stone walls and historic windows).in the process screws were removed from the storm – and not all were replaced. The tenant moved next door and took it upon himself to relocate the cable through a screen window and a window pane busting it out. All this without any conversation or permission from me.

They came out investigated the damage complaint and refuse to accept responsibility for the damages. They won't even remove the dish. Dish tv customer support is horrible. I spoke to Direct TV and they said their policy is to pay for damages caused. Never again Dish, never again.

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