I cancelled my Dish services because they were expensive, and I rarely watch TV. I mailed back all my equipment within a month of cancellation. I was told the equipment never arrived, and even though I have the receipt showing where I mailed the equipment from USPS I was still charged $458. After several angry phone calls, I, out of foolish pride decided not to pay the bill. Over a year later I decided to resolve the debt with the collection agency that held my account. I made an agreed settlement with the agency of $320. I made a payment on 10/30/15 and called on 11/06/15 to make the final payment, at which point I was informed that Dish had taken my account back on 11/03/15, and I had to contact them.

When I called Dish, they could not tell me why they had taken the account, and they would not agree to the settled amount. After talking to the lady, she said if I paid the previously agreed amount then the account would be settled. She assured me that she was not lying, and all accounts would be square. Alas… I called today to check on promised email of confirmation and was told I still owe $137.96. After explaining the situation to the representative, I was told there was nothing that could be done, other than me paying the full amount. How is this not illegal?

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