I live in rural Virginia where there is no cable or good internet services. I decided to get Dish because of their internet service. I was going to get TV as well since we only have an antenna.in October the Dish tech, named Buddy came out. He screwed the dish into our roof through the shingles on the house. Then he said that a huge cherry tree in the back yard was in the way. He said that if we chopped down that tree we could get the signal. We hired someone to take down that tree and all other trees around it. The expense was considerable. We can now see two neighboring houses and traffic on the road that was bitten by the trees before. The fire department is going to come burn the debris pile for a training exercise because it is so large. Our secluded lot is not private anymore, but like I said, there aren't a lot of choices of you want internet in rural Virginia.

This morning a guy named Mike came out. He took offense because I objected to his spitting tobacco juice all over my yard. Then he said that if I wanted the Dish that he would have to run a cable under my gravel driveway. He complained that it was just him and that he would have to go to considerable effort to run the cable. He said that the cable should go through a conduit and that he didn't supply the conduit. He said "you don't have a long PVC pipe do you?" Then he said that the line was probably going to be more than 150 feet and that was the maximum. Then he said that when spring came I would no longer be able to get the signal. He suggested we cancel the contract. He said that his company contracted with dish and he didn't want to be responsible for installing the system if it didn't work.

I told him that we were told if we cut down the cherry that we could get the signal. I told him we went to a lot of effort to be able to get Dish. He said that he would report it and left. Later today we got a call from Dish and they transferred to their claims department. I told the guy that I am not a litigious person. I said I wanted three things. I wanted all my money back, I wanted the local dish people to know what happened (so it wouldn't happen to someone else) and I wanted a different Dish tech to come out and verify what Mike told us since I got the feeling he just didn't want to do the work.

The guy on the phone told me that a second guy had come out this morning after Mike and verified that we couldn't get a signal. I said that if a second guy came out this morning we would have known because the dog would have barked. The Dish rep insisted that we had two visits this morning. I questioned why the guy didn't talk to us or go on the roof to check the signal. He said that we probably just didn't hear him. When I asked for the name of the second guy, he said that he was mistaken that there was only one guy that came out today. Uhm. I question his veracity.

Then he told me that the guy who came out was a Dish supervisor (when Mike told me he was just a contractor) and that if he said we couldn't get a signal than it would be impossible to send someone out for a second opinion. I thought I was being reasonable asking for someone who might be willing to put in a little effort, but he said it was impossible. I think once he heard I wasn't asking for damages he just wanted to get rid of me. So at best then Dish folks mislead me, at worst they flat out lied. Either way, I am out a ton of money for tree clearing, and lost a lot of privacy. If they agreed to let a Dish rep come out and double check that I can't get a signal I would have not written this review. Since they wouldn't do that I am writing to warn people to be wary if anything Dish tells you because it changes with the circumstances.

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