I lost my job November of 2014. Our contract was supposed to end on November 7,2015. We called to cancel our contract on March 23rd 2015. While speaking to the Dish representative he told us we could put our service in vacation mode for $5.00 per month for nine months. We "SPECIFICALLY" asked the representative if this would affect the length of our contract and the representative "SPECIFICALLY" said no, it would not. The representative told us that we would be able to cancel on November 7,2015. He also stated that since we paid our last bill and applied 100.77 to our account if we cancelled by the original end of contract date we would have a credit to our account. This was a lie.

Today November 6,2015 we called to cancel and were informed that we owed $80.00 for cancelling 8 months early. After 30 plus minutes of getting nowhere with this individual arguing with this individual over what we were told and what he was now telling us we demanded to speak to a "manager." The individual then transferred us to a "account specialist." The account specialist then tried to convince us that rather than owing $80.00 dollars we owed $160.00 dollars to cancel and all the while trying to convince us that if we just purchased their 19.99 plan for 10 months we could then get out of the contract.

We were lied to by everyone we spoke to and no one from Dish EVER tried to explain how they would try to make it right with the customer, instead all they wanted to do was sell us more TV that obviously we couldn't afford since the whole topic of discussion started with cancellation a year ago and through today. Bottom line "WE WILL NEVER USE DISH AGAIN." TV is not a necessity today nor has it ever been. It used to be the customer is always right and an honest provider of any service lived by that. Not anymore. As with "any" service, if the provider cannot be honest with me then they don't don't deserve me as a patron.

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