I repeatedly told the Dish salesman that my husband had to be able to get our local sports teams and games. He repeatedly assured me that we would be able to see our local teams games… No problem. Outright lies. Signal came and went with the wind. I called and cancelled the service after 36 days and I was told by the customer service person and the legal department that I would owe them $400.00 because I cancelled the service before 2 years was up. I had no idea what they were talking about because the salesman did not mention this in our conversation.

I started receiving e-mail and letters telling me if I didn't resume the service they would deduct the $400.00 from account. I told the man in the legal department that I could only afford to pay it off a little at a time and he said "pay it off as you can, but return the equipment, we will send you a box and label". Well… Guess what. They debited my account for $457.01 anyway… Stay well away from these people… They are not truth tellers.

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