I was injured in an accident at work. I called Dish to explain my situation. They only said they can lower my bill for 3 months by 20.00. I stated I have no income and were not willing to work with me. They disconnected my service and asked for their equipment back which I did. Now I receive a bill for 570.21. I spoke to someone in billing. They now told me they could have froze my account for 5.00 a month or changed the plan. I was never told this when I called. They transferred me to the president's office and pretty much was like I have to pay this bill because of early termination. I didn't terminate the service. They were not willing to work with me. Due to a severe injury they terminated me. Now want me to pay 570.21 For terminating my service? Crooks!!! Kick a person when they are down.

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