I've been a DISH customer for about 2 yrs now. Haven't had many problems with the service before other than increasing prices which I had to cancel some movie channels and some problems with my search options not showing results for future movies that I want to record. I had someone come out for it and he fixed it. Well this time that happened again. Only this time I had to spend over an hour and a half on the phone with customer service trying to explain to them what was wrong and begging them to send someone out to fix it. Which costs me money too, but anyway, he finally switched me to an account specialist who got me so frustrated but did send me out a tech.

When the tech got here, he could not fix the problem even after the 4 hours that he worked on it. Eventually he ended up just replacing the box which I was very upset about because I just lost all of my 700 recorded items! And on top of that could not guarantee that would fix my problem. So I have to wait for 24 hours and if that doesn't work then I have to wait for corporate to fix the issue. That's not even it, now with this new box I have, there are these black outlines on the corners of my screen! So now what? Pay for a tech to come back out and deal with this all over again? I am exhausted with this and will probably cancel and go with DirecTV.

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