On November 4,2015, I stopped by the local Dish Network/Dish TV store to inquire about getting a satellite dish for my apartment. I live in Cedar City, Utah and it's the only store in town. I am desperate to get rid of my cable, TDS, but do have maybe a few complications (does my porch face the right direction? I would need a pedestal and a cord through the window to the TV right there) and the gentleman I spoke to said he would have to take a look. I never heard from him again until yesterday when I caught him at the office. He promised to come over after lunch and look at my back porch but he lied and never showed up. He has no office answering machine nor does he answer the phone. You are a telecommunications company, surely this guy, whose name escapes me, (I am an old lady) carries a cell phone to answer missed calls.

Your company has become such a huge conglomerate that you are treating your potential customers as the demanding little child. I only ask for honesty and someone who keeps their word. This gentleman has treated me very badly but I notice he is one of the "good ol boys" in this town and people mean nothing to him. I have three college degrees and it is insulting to me that he would say he drove by the apartment building and didn't see any dishes. I said a lot of people have streaming video or just no TV whatsoever as the rule here is no physical attachments to the buildings. That's why I want a pedestal for the dish but I guess it is too much bother for him to attempt it. That is very sad because the TV is all I have for entertainment and for somebody to step on my feelings like that, is a sad commentary on what your company has become and who you hire to represent you.

Get someone young in there who really cares about each potential new customer and not be such a sap to women customers. I doubt I will hear anything back but I'm pretty soured on this guy and doubt I will let him in my apartment. Maybe someone from St. George would like to treat me like I am a viable human being, capable of making good decisions with the right person. Fire the guy in Cedar City, he does nothing for anybody except his buddies and does your company a huge disservice. Thank you for reading this.

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