So this is happened to me. I got a contract with DISH for Internet and cable. They said, "ok, it's gonna be $88." So I said, "yes." They said on Thursday, cable guy will show up so I was waiting but nobody show up and no call. After that we find out they changed schedule also plan by themself!!! I didn't agree about that! So I call to them for cancelled immediately. Because I know if cancelled in three days after contract, don't need pay for cancel fee. But they tried me to pay $480!!!

I was like WTF!?? So I called to my father and talk with this lady on the phone WTF is going on? Then finally she said we are right and they are wrong. But what the service is it? Really? Try to ripping people off? I tried to talk monster, but they don't care anything. Might be because a big company? So I'm telling people don't use DISH! Otherwise, I found out myself why people is not recommend DISH but other cable now.

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