This used sales car dealership is not recommended to anyone. This dealership engages is fraud. This dealership sells you a car illegally with fictitious DMV tags, charges excessive motor vehicle fees of 1000.00 plus extra fees he makes up and provides you with a temporary tag for the car that he has not obtained legally and the car remains registered in the dealerships name with a never cleared salvage title. This dealership will then take all the money he can from you making it not refundable and when he knows he has been reported to the State of New Jersey DMV for fraud, will steal the car back from you and place it back into his inventory to re-sell to the next naive victim. The owner Darren Brown likes to use intimidation and threats as his sales pitch. The auto body shop owned by DMR runs a scam where they will steal good parts off your car for their own use and replace with bad parts so they can scam you. Everyone is charged a different price. This dealer took over 2000.00 from me and never issued me my tags. The car was not clear to drive and never legally registered. This dealer after ripping me off then stole the car back leaving me with money loss and no car.

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