2011 Dodge Charger. Went from loving this car to hating it. Just over 3 yrs old (bought new in Mar 2012) and it seems every week there's something else not working on it. Took it in yesterday to have blind spot detection diagnosed, the dealer said it probably needs a new harness and sensors to the tune of $2500. The dash has rattled in this thing since I bought it and the dealer said it was just a loose clip under dash. It was not.in twice for that and now no warranty so now have to live with that.

The steering makes a groan in the column which I also live with now coz they couldn't fix it. The trunk switch has also been replaced at my expense and guess what? Today the engine lights on. I bought this car new and also 2014 Ram which I'm happy to report is starting to rust after one winter. I bought these vehicles with the intention of having worry free driving for 5 yrs with the expectation of having replaced brakes and tires. Very disappointed with these vehicles and doubt I will buy another Chrysler. It was definitely assembled in Canada but the components they assemble with are subpar.

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