I bought my 04 Dakota sport quad cab 4.7 V8 with 30k on it. I got home with it and a couple of days later blew front main seal. Warranty covered that. By 60k ball joints were bad and I've replaced front axles twice. Tie rods have been changed. Positive traction has made a grinding sound ever since I got it when I turn onto other streets. I used Lucas and kinda overfilled it and it's quieted it down. 4.7 is very weak and gets terrible mpg's. Changed manifold gaskets twice and it has a tick again. I've since freed it up with performance cats and faster system. Flush the underbody religiously but still have rust holes around wheel wells. No body rust because I've taken very good care of this truck.

Has 138k on it now and front main is starting to leak again. At 50k the transfer case started leaking. It got over tightened and couldn't get the plug out after that. So now I have that to repair. Replaced brakes 6 times on this truck complete. Brakes work good under normal conditions but if I have to stop quick the abs will just click and I'm nowhere near the point of them locking. It's an accident waiting to happen. It's just a shame cause it's a really good looking truck. I thought when I got it that it would be perfect. A midsize with a V8. I figured it would get ok fuel economy and have plenty of power. Should stop well too. It gives me none of those things. The only positives are it looks and sounds good, it's comfortable, and with my mud tires it will go anywhere. Should be a lot of recalls though.

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