Purchased a 2007 2500 Dodge 5.9 SLT new. Have had very few problems with the truck except AC compressor which began overheating and would not cool. Had to the dealer several times before they finally replaced it. More recently in late August 2015 the Shift Cable broke. Had it towed to the dealer. After 4 or 5 days they checked and agreed it was broken. When asked when it would be repaired I was advised that the part was on back order (over 800) and would not be available until 14 November 2015. Very irritated I accepted the fact that I would not have my truck for a while. I check often for updates and recently told that it would be 9 December 2015 before part would be available.

Irritated by the delays I contacted Dodge Customer Service and lodged my complaint. The customer service rep called four days later, apologetic, and advised that the part would not be available until late January 2016 or early February 2016. Dodge has a parts supplier problem since contractors provide them to Dodge. My complaint with this is bad suppliers and bad management. If in August there were already over 800 on back order what is the problem. This is obviously not an aftermarket part or they would be available.

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