We have 2 such pickups at this household and have exact same complaints. We paid over $1100.00 for a GPS/Uconnect system in these vehicles both of which are almost totally worthless. Both of these vehicles are equipped to tow Trailers and both are used to tow Rv Travel Trailers. This crappy GPS sends you on wild goose chases, back roads etc. It's not designed to be used in a tow vehicle at all but there it is and no one wants to step up to the plate and make even a small effort to fix the situation. The dealer says it's a product installed at the factory which is not made by Chrysler. I say Chrysler installed it. It's their responsibility to stand behind it and make it work as it's advertised to do.

I recently went to Canada and it actually showed me driving through fields where no roads exist and the Rt 1 highway I was on has been there over 7 years. Driving south through Maine on Interstate 95, my destination was KOA Campground in Freeport. It told me to exit 95 43 miles before the campground which I done towing a 30-foot trailer. It then proceeded to take me on 5 different country 2 lane roads only to cross 95 two exits below where it told me to exit.

Next issue, WiFi. A monthly fee of 34.99 is supposed to give WiFi service up to 150 feet from vehicle. Well that 150 feet is more truthfully 20 feet MAX and the service is so slow. The accessory timer built in the RAM (15 to 20) Minutes shuts power off before you can get connected to a website. This family actually likes both of these vehicles but the High Dollar accessories suck. We will not be buying another RAM Product Simply because of service from Chrysler sucks. The Dealer has tried a lot of things to help but I see it as their hands are tied from no support as Paul Harvey said, "PAGE 2."

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