When you consider buying a new or used car, do not buy from the Larry miller dealerships. First let me What I have learned from Larry miller October 22,2015
get my mad off. They are a lot of sleazy thieves, lying crooks, scam addicted con artist. Some things to watch out for. Never trade in your own car unless it is falling apart and is paid for in full if possible. That way you will avoid them reducing the true value of your trade in, and especially if it is not fully paid for because they add the balance you owe on your trade-in to the new car so you paying for 2 cars. It is best to sell it privately. Do not discuss anything with the salesman. Negotiate with the financial person directly, because at that point, the salesman is negotiating with the financial person not for you, but to the advantage of LM. Make sure that when you are offered all the extras, just say no if buying a car and make sure that it is not included in the contract before you sign. If you absolutely need some sort of extra coverage, again, make sure it is for the time frame that you want. When you sign the contract, make sure the persons arm and body is not covering the figures to make sure that you are not getting any extras added, also make sure that if you are signing documents with copies, look at all the copies to make sure that they are all the same document before you sign. Try and get your own financing. They like to use institutions where they get possibly a lot of kickbacks with histories of as many complaints as Larry Miller. Larry Miller Avondale has so many complaints, that the better business bureau sends them all to Utah. Don't even bother with them. Contact the attorney general of US, FTC, FCC and Chrysler Corp CEO or your lawyer. Make sure that you get a list and phone numbers of all the lenders who may accept the assignment for your possible purchase, if you see a problem, call them yourself and ask that they refuse the assignment. If you see the name BBVA compass bank, run! If they become the lender, you are going to have another headache. Beware of the seductive offer of a lower monthly payments, it turns into more years for payoff for you, and more money for them and the lender. Be careful of the deals received in the mail, they can be misleading and deceptive. I have bought a lot of cars over the years, never did I think that I would be in this situation. I had been having my 2007 serviced by them for 5 yrs., and I trusted them. I made a big mistake. I now am disgusted fearful. They have cheated so many people for so long, it has become a way of life for them. That applies to their service dept. Also. I urge you to file here and also see incomplaints.com, if you want to post ok, I have talked to the FTC & FCC. They told me to file complaint with them. They keep a data base to do their investigations once they get enough complaints. It is easy they have many ways to take your complaint. You can copy and paste, call, e-mail, fax or mail your complaint to them. I would also suggest that you contact the CEO Sergio Machionne of the Chrysler Corp.

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