I am very exasperated with the manager (John) of the DG General Market store in Port Saint Joe, FL 32456. He's rude, sarcastic and last but not least one of the biggest idiots I have ever met. You cannot get a straight answer from him and if you do, it's usually a lie. I have asked him over and over about my job application with his store and he either says "I didn't see your app on the computer" or I'll look for it. Today when I asked he made a very smart, sarcastic comment and turned away and started talking about somethng trivial with his assistant manager who couldn't quote me the store phone number when I asked for it so I could call him about the job he promised me several times. I do a lot of business with the store. I am retired trying to survive on Social Security and need a part time job to pay my utilities. I was only trying to apply for a job. There was no reason for him to treat me like a second class citizen or something dirty that he had stepped in. There have been times in the past when I had to force him to talk to me about my app. He kept making smart, "cute" comments instead of talking to me seriously and in a businesslike manner. I am a good, diligent worker who can work any day or schedule. I just don't see what the problem was in him just either talking to me in the way he should have or just telling me he didn't want to hire me. Anyone deserves common courtesy from someone like him in a position who has to deal with the public. I told him when I left I would not shop in his store again and did not deserve to be treated like he treated me. He just got in his vehicle and left. You would do yourself a favor by hiring someone who is personable, businesslike and puts his customers first.

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