I recently made a trip to my local dollar General store on southmont Blvd in Johnstown, pa. My elderly mother and I were at a doctor's appointment in that area and had stopped at this location out of convenience. I will NEVER return to this store again even if it was the last store on earth. Our cashier Joy was beyond rude from the moment we walked in. Apparently we were interrupting her smoking break and was furious that she had to come inside the store to ring us up. When mom had asked where the can openers were she rudely responded and pointed to the back of the store. I would have at least expected for an isle number at the very least. I wasn't expecting her to walk us back and show us, from her demeanor, we both got the impression that she wasn't concerned what we needed and wanted us out so that she could continue on with her break. I also think that employees should not be permitted to smoke in front of the doors. The smell lingers into the store and it very much looks unprofessional. She needs to be kept off any areas where she doesn't have to handle customers or retrained in customer service.

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