I usually don't complain, just get my items and go. Some workers are nice but most are not long term. So ok, store is NEVER KEPT. Aisles always cluttered with carts of unstocked items. You can't even get a cart through. Went in last week for cake mix. Another customer (Caucasian) cleaned the shelf. Ok that's her right to purchase. But when I asked the manager (Caucasian) if he had any more, the answer was, "No, " and dismissed. Clerk told him the lady that purchased was looking for more. He broke his neck to find more and couldn't but offered her another brand. And yes I brought it to his attention (I was in another aisle and heard him) that he did not treat me the same. He was speechless. Just paid for what I had and left. I visit this store on almost daily basis.

Updated on 11/09/2015: Pt. 2: I go in today for cleaning items (it’s raining), was told to remove my hood. Ok I see no sign and like I said before I visit this store almost daily so I'm not a suspicious character or even an unfamiliar face. I said ok and kept going, hood must have been caught on my ponytail cause security (not usual guard) harasses me. Same manager (from previous experience) continues to go back and forth and I’m like all this focus on a familiar face and someone is probably stuffing something in their bag as we speak. Needless to say, I DID NOT PURCHASE ANYTHING TODAY! I left and was still followed by security as he continued to say things. I will go completely out of my way to shop now. I will not be treated like a common criminal or suspected thief in a store that i never spend less than $50 in every time i shop there.

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