I was in dollar general with my teenage daughter and a friend of mine works there. So, we were shopping and went to the makeup aisle just looking around. I noticed a worker was straightening the aisle, didn't think much about it so I went to another aisle leaving my daughter to continue to look at makeup and my friend came to me and said "They're watching your daughter", and I said "for what." She said "cause she's in the makeup aisle." So I went back and told my daughter to put the makeup she wanted in the cart because we're not stealing anything. She put what she wanted in the cart and we continued shopping.

About 10 minutes later, the manager came to me, said "Can I ask you a question and don't get offended." I said ok. She then said "It looked like your daughter stole makeup" and I said "what?" She said, to lift her shirt up. So I jerked her shirt up and the top part of her pants to prove we don't STEAL. She then told me it looked like it on video but she also told me it was because she was a girl and had her back turned to the camera. Now, how the heck are we suppose to know were the cameras are? I WILL NOT EVER STEP FOOT IN ANOTHER DOLLAR GENERAL! So people with daughters, beware of the makeup aisle! You need to move the makeup to the front if you're that worried about it.

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