On November 5,2015, around 5:30 pm, I came inside Dollar General off of Chestnut Street in South Charleston, WV. I waited for the cashier at the cash register for just a short minute while she was assisting three men in the candy aisle. When it was my turn, I asked her where the shower caps were located. At the same time, the men where asking her was she married. She quickly responded to them stating that she doesn't ever want to get married. After her response to one of the gentlemen, she directed me to an aisle across from the cash register. I didn't see the shower caps. So, I had to wait again while her & these men flirted with each other trying to collect a number & set up a date. I finally had to tell the men, "excuse me for just a moment, & asked the cashier again for the shower caps. She apologized & said that she thought I said shower curtains. We both looked at the hair products aisle & she mistaken hair conditioning caps for shower caps. That's an easy mistake that's made. Shower caps are not in stock in this store location. The issue was that if she would have put aside her personal conversation to take the time to listen to what I was shopping for, I wouldn't have been running around searching for an item that didn't exist.in addition to, she put her personal conversation over a customer & I didn't feel like a valued customer. I don't mind the flirting, but I patiently waited for her when I need assistance. Thanks.

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